That’s right south of the equator people, Apple Crumble Day South 2016 is only two weeks away.

As always, we’re scheduled in for April 12 2016 and although that’s a Tuesday, don’t let it stop you from going all out with the crumble. Crumble is acceptable any day of the week.

In fact, why not start the festivities a bit early? Take the opportunity on the weekend to stock up on your apples by heading off to an apple orchard to collect some straight off the tree. Or better, from the roadside stall later dropping a few notes into the wooden box. Remember: only pilfer apples with the orchard owner’s permission.

And always, we’re looking for more recipes to add to our recipe file. Got a good crumble recipe you wish to share? Or even a nifty variation on one we’ve already got? Drop us a line on our BookFace page and we’ll add it here for all to read.

Looking forward to Apple Crumble Day South 2016. Crumble away!