Apple Crumble Day. There’s not much more to it than that. It’s a day to celebrate, well, nothing really. I mean, there’s apple crumble of course – it wouldn’t be much of an Apple Crumble Day if it wasn’t for apple crumble – but it’s not like the apple crumble is the important bit.

A bit of history – back in 2000, after an evening of failing to fall asleep, the idea that the world should be left with something came to mind. Unfortunately, that was it. No cure for the human condition, no answer as to why small children insist on stepping on snails, no solution to the age-old problem of why. Just that the world should be left with something. And after a while, apple crumble floated through the consciousness of the creator. There was no good reason for it other than it tastes good, that it is easy to make, and that the recipe was lying around in the kitchen somewhere. Which is another story.

Apple Crumble Day was officially declared for the 12th of October by no organisation of any import other than the creator. That is important.

And so Apple Crumble Day was celebrated for a few years by the hardy and devoted few until 2013 when it was realised that the creator of Apple Crumble Day had indeed forgotten about it until he was reminded about it on the morning of October the 12th. And the creator was ashamed that he forgot about his creation and did the only thing possible – opened an Instagram account, created the #applecrumbleday hashtag, and posted a photo of the apple crumble.

Oh, the creator also created a Facebook page.

And so Apple Crumble Day was invigorated. And then the creator realised that here, in the Southern Hemisphere, October was a rubbish time for apple crumble. That April would be a much better month. And so Apple Crumble Day was cloned into Apple Crumble Day North on the original October the 12th and Apple Crumble Day South on April the 12th.

So that’s the story. When the movie comes out, it’ll be more exciting with car crashes, a love story (or two), and probably the bringing of apple crumble to the far-flung reaches of the galaxy (budget permitting). But the real story is much more humble, and that’s what Apple Crumble Day is all about.